Peninsula Rivers Conservancy

Peninsula Rivers Conservancy is a direct-action conservation and education platform spearheaded by Cooper Landing Fishing Guide, LLC and AKKFFF.

PRC is a non-profit 501c3 that was established to directly fight against a massive, large-scale hydroelectric project on one of the most important contributors to the health of the Kenai River - the Snow River near Moose Pass and Seward, Alaska. 

With the help of our fellow Alaskans, KENAI RIVER FISHING GUIDES AND EVERYDAY CITIZENS, we were able to shut the Snow River Dam down and EXPAND the conversations about renewable technologies, utility inefficiencies and energy solutions for Alaska.  







David Lisi - President/Director

The Kenai Peninsula is David's home and the water is where you'll find him most days. Owner and guide at Cooper Landing Fishing Guide, LLC, David has a passion for keeping Alaska's rivers wild and running free. 

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jackie Bowman - treasurer/secretary/director of research

Whether it be the rivers and lakes of Wisconsin where she was born and raised, the waters of Bristol Bay and creeks of Southwest Alaska where she fell in love with the state, or her current locale overlooking the Kenai River, water has always been home for Jackie.  An avid fly fisherwoman and conservationist, she strives to inspire passion for both, particularly related to anadromous fish species.  


Brad Kirr - Vice President/director of special projects

I moved to Alaska in 2008, with my wife, in search of DAM free rivers full of wild salmonids, an opportunity to educate in secondary education, the hope of becoming a business owner, and the dream of raising a family. I have been a middle school Science/Math teacher for 9 years, owned and operated Alaska Kenai Fishing for Fun for 5 years, and blessed for the past 3 years with an amazing son named River. All of my aspirations have come true and I’ll be DAMNED if I am going to allow a dam on the Snow River.




Mike Evans


james walker